The Three Amigos: India, America, Israel

By Badri Raina , ZNet, June 12, 2010

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That both under the erstwhile  NDA regime, led by Atal Bihari Vajpai of the right-wing Hindu BJP (1998-2004) and the UPA regime (s) led by Manmohan Singh of the Congress Party (2004-2009, and since) a central feature of India’s foreign policy has been to draw closer to both the United States and Israel is not such a hidden feature of India’s post-reforms history anymore.

The more than considerate attentiveness to the interests of American corporates of course has been a long-term constant.

What I seek to do here is not so much to detail these histories as to draw a   skein related to diverse episodes,   one that seems intricately revelatory of a  coherent  macro policy intent, always latent among the Indian ruling classes but now more than ever in full bloom.

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One Response to “The Three Amigos: India, America, Israel”

  1. sudhan Says:

    In this article Pandit Badri Raina has clearly shown how the corporate interests of American imperialism and Zionist militarism coincide with the interests of Indian ruling elite. The co-operation between the three to further their political and military power as the dominant global trio is fraught with danger; this widens the path to more wars, plunder and instabilty in Asia and the Middle East. Of course, the Hindutva fascists embrace Israeli Zionists with open arms because they have Muslims as their common enemy. We are all quite aware of it.

    Raina is a voice of reason from the Indian subcontinent. His work to voice the concerns of the marginalised Indian religious and ethnic minorities and Indian poverty-striken masses is well-known among political observers. He has staunchly upheld the cause of the oppressed in a broad humanist way. The sort of information he has given us in this article is very often suppressed or glossed over in the media. I hope this investigative piece will also lead other writers and political analysts to focus on the issues that Raina has has raised.


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