Netanyahu: “Jerusalem Is Ours, We Will Build And Develop It”

author Wednesday May 12, 2010 11:47author by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies Report post

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that Israel will always build and develop the city of Jerusalem is order to make it a “viable, developed and advanced city”.


Netanyahu said the relation between the Israelis and Jerusalem cannot be questioned and the Jews around the world look forwards to return to it and live it.

He also stated that the “Jewish struggle for Jerusalem is a struggle of existence”.
Netanyahu was speaking at a Jewish center in Jerusalem marking the 43rd anniversary of “unifying Jerusalem”.

East Jerusalem is part of the Palestinian and Arab territories Israel illegally captured during the 1967 war.

The Palestinians seek the city as the capital of their anticipated state.
Consecutive Israeli governments, as well as the government of Netanyahu, regard settlement construction and expansion in the occupied city as a right and a responsibility of every Israeli leader.

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