Seven Years of War in Iraq: Still Based on Cheney’s Torture and Lies

Andy Worthington, The Huffington Post, March 21, 2010

Friday marked the seventh anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq, but by now, it seems, the American people have become used to living in a state of perpetual war, even though that war was based on torture and lies. Protestors rallied across the country on Saturday, but the anti-war impetus of the Bush years has not been regained, as I discovered to my sorrow during a brief U.S. tour in November, when I showed the new documentary film, “Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo” (directed by Polly Nash and myself) in New York, Washington D.C., and the Bay Area.

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One Response to “Seven Years of War in Iraq: Still Based on Cheney’s Torture and Lies”

  1. biblar Says:

    ..and the American people, who are prepared to accept this darkest of truths: that in 2002, the Vice President of the United States used an illegal torture program not to protect Americans from future terrorist attacks, but to launch an illegal war that, to date, has led to the loss of 4,386 American lives and the lives of at least 100,000 Iraqis, and possibly as many as a million…

    I’m not entirely sure that even if the majority of ordinary American people were against the illegal wars at the time, or even now and displayed this view publically, en masse; that it would have made, or would make the slightest difference to the eventual outcomes.

    In the UK over a million of us protested; which was unprecedented at the time. Unfortunately the protests had no effect whatsoever.

    The overall strategy had already been put into place, we had a sociopath as Prime Minister ( the US had the Psychopath Cheney etc.. ) and the will of the people was always going to be ignored.

    Apathy I think; has played a large part since. If the US and UK populaces cannot even lift themselves from their stupor to protest against dangerous legislation and an ever increasing loss of liberties affecting the people in our own countries; how could one ever hope that the populace could be raised to protest on behalf of the victims of far, far worse in other countries carried out in our name?

    Firstly, the people have to remember how to actually think; unfortunately that appears to be, an all but lost art.


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