Jewish Anti-Occupation Activists Send Forceful Message to Israel

By Alex Kane, The Indypendent, Feb 1, 2010

For some Upper West Side residents, their usual stroll down Broadway this evening had a surprise:  a group of 20 New York Jews denouncing Israel’s occupation of Palestine were standing with thought-provoking signs while a few passed out flyers.

Challenging the assumption that all Jews support Israel no matter what, the action, organized by Jews Say No, called on Israel to lift the blockade of Gaza and to end the longest running military occupation in recent history.  The group was founded last year during Israel’s war on Gaza.

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One Response to “Jewish Anti-Occupation Activists Send Forceful Message to Israel”

  1. sudhan Says:

    1.Dan Pedersen wrote:
    edit this on February 3, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    I often wonder why there are so many anti-Israel sentiments, but rarely do we hear anti-Palestine messages. I’m not saying there should be more anti-Palestine messages, but I am saying that we should look at the situation more objectively, rather than just believe everything we see and hear in the media. Maybe if we studied more of the history between the Jews and Palestinians we would get a bigger picture of what is going on, rather than just going with popular opinion.

    2. Sudhan (Nasir Khan)
    edit this on February 4, 2010 at 4:46 am

    Anti-Israel sentiment? The Zionists and Israeli Lobby dominate the whole of the western world where the main stream media bow to the diktat of disinformation and cover-up of ongoing strangulation and destruction of the Palestinians.

    The plea of “innocence” by Israel and its Zionists supporters reminds one of “Two Gun” Crowley, the merciless gunman and killer in 1930s. When sentenced to the electric chair, he did not blame himself for killing people. Instead, he said: “This is what I get for defending myself.”

    3. Dan Pedersen
    edit this on February 4, 2010 at 11:45 am

    I’ve heard it said before that if you say something frequently enough, loud enough and long enough, people will eventually believe it and except it as fact. That is my point – I’m encouraging people to stop listening to messages like the one you just proposed and do some objective research of their own.

    4. Sudhan (Nasir Khan)
    edit this on February 5, 2010 at 4:46 am

    Mr Dan Pedersen,

    I thank you for your comments which I found interesting for my reply.

    I am also somewhat curious to find out if you have any plans to starting an objective research centre to educate others. If so, I will gladly join in. It is never too late to see the light of the day when we are guided by some enlightened person. I am quite serious; no jokes.

    But your comment also betrays that I should be a bit wary of your political knowledge and your wisdom! Nonetheless, there is much food for thought for us in a pithy saying of a famous philosopher who once remarked that educators themselves should be educated first. It should be a good starting point. I hope we are in agreement on this point. But I need not say anything more about you. In fact, I had already made a clear evaluation of your views from what you wrote. It may surprise you if I tell you all about your views! But we should not be too hard in a such case. I hope you understand what I mean. I only hope; I am not sure.

    You wrote: “I’ve heard it said before that if you say something frequently enough, loud enough and long enough, people will eventually believe it and except [accept] it as fact.” This famous formulation, I am sure you know, is that of the Nazi leader Hitler. Nazi propaganda reached new heights under Goebbels. All was done to serve the great cause of a “superior race” (Aryan) and the political ideology of Nazism. The price humanity paid for the Nazi policies was enormous; some 50-million people died as a result of the war and an unprecedented large-scale destruction of cities and infrastructure in many countries.

    Who could have guessed that after the end of the Second World World in 1945, Zionists will replace the Nazi notion of superior Aryan race with the equally vicious notion of a “chosen people” and uproot the Palestinian people by violence and terror from their land, a land where they had lived for thousands of years. Thus was born the colonial-settler Zionist Israel in 1948. Furthermore, to carry out their objectives Zionists with the help of the most powerful Western imperialist power and other neo-colonial powers succeeded in establishing a hegemonic and militaristic world order where the reins of power are in the hands of Zionists. The Washington rulers have to follow what the Zionists tell them.

    Lastly, the Nazi art of propaganda reached its culminating point in Zionist power-politics and it control of the western media. In short, we are living in that era.

    But I am only one of those who try to tell the truth and expose the machinations and actions of Zionist leaders. What you have said about me is totally contrary to what I stand for.

    I am also quite aware that political and religious reactionaries, right-wingers, Zionists, war criminals and warmongers would not like to see any such articles or information I print, produce or write. You know, we are fully aware they have much power and resources at their disposal to stifle, nullify and in some cases also to eliminate any such voices.

    At the same time, I take pride in the fact that in a common struggle to defend the human rights of the Palestinian people or to voice their grievances there are many prominent Jewish writers and thinkers like Chomsky, Zinn (now deceased), Hawbsbawm, Klein, Avnery, Shlaim, etc., just to name only a few, who have actively contributed to exposing the terrorist politics and crimes of Zionist Israel against a captive people. Palestinians, a dispossessed, expropriated and victimized people cannot but thank them for their verbal support.

    What really matters to crush a captive people and their national aspirations is epitomized by the virtual coalescence of American and Zionist-Israeli objectives. In such a world order, what chance have the Palestinians as a people? I believe, the readers of my blogs and articles know my political attitude as a humanist and a peace activist.


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