Four American presidential candidates join Afghan war protest

Wordgeezer, Suzie-Q Truth and Justice Blog, Dec 16, 2009

This is indeed a sad situation folks. Has anyone noticed that there are any protests toward the escalation of the war in Afghanistan? Not in the main stream media, but there would have been been if it was promoted by the corporate government. These candidates, who really do speak for the people, are reduced to talking to a small crowd in the wind on a cold winter day. Where is the press with their cameras and microphones? Where is the private police force? Haven’t we been in the frog water long enough to figure out when to jump?

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2 Responses to “Four American presidential candidates join Afghan war protest”

  1. sudhan Says:

    Thank you Wordgeezer for your post and your enlightened perspective on the American war-machine that uses the present occupier of the White House for its definite objectives. I have added your post to my blogs.

    At the same time, anti-war protest movement needs all the support of those people who see the dangers of the ongoing criminal war of aggression and its escalation.

    The voice of four prominent American political figures against the brutal Afghan war should enable some Americans to think what their government is doing in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. Without such awareness war criminals who presently are being paraded around as the high priests of ‘just war’ theory (incredible nonsense!) in the service of special interests will continue to wreak havoc on the weaker nations and the deception of ‘good and necessary war’ continue.


  2. wordgeezer Says:

    Thanks Sudhan, for the time and energy you put into raising the awareness of the people about the miss-use of military power by the corporate military conglomerate that controls US government, Great Britain, and Israel.

    I believe that many people feel uneasy about all this, but are worn down by the Neoconservative mantra. It is wide spread, but the same modus operendi can be seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza, Lebanon, and Burma.
    We now have a nation with a questionable Democracy, claiming that war will bring peace and that Democracy will be the outcome in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. All have been a miserable failure.

    I had this message on my old Toyota van before the “Shock & Awe” thing was initiated. “Regime change begins at home” …G:


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