Naiman: Our corrupt occupation of Afghanistan

By Robert Naiman, ZNet, Nov 25, 2009
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Robert Naiman’s ZSpace Page

Is it just me, or is the pontification of Western leaders about corruption in Afghanistan growing rather tiresome?

There is something very Captain Renault about it. We’re shocked, shocked that the Afghans have sullied our morally immaculate occupation of their country with their dirty corruption. How ungrateful can they be?

But perhaps we should consider the possibility that our occupation of the country is not so morally immaculate – indeed, that the most corrupt racket going in Afghanistan today is the American occupation.

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One Response to “Naiman: Our corrupt occupation of Afghanistan”

  1. sudhan Says:

    Robert Naiman has pointed to some of the lies that are regurgitated by the political establishment of the New Crusaders. American occupiers of Afghanistan have spent enormous sums of money to impose and maintain a fraudulent and corrupt puppet regime in Kabul, which is under the control of the warlords and drugs cartels. But for the rest of the population the occupation and the ongoing-war has brought only death, destruction and misery. Under the Obama administration the pace of death and destruction of the Afghan and Pakistani people has accelerated.


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