Mirwaiz appeals EU to play role in Kashmir settlement

Continued detention of Hurriyet leaders denounced
Kashmir Media Service, Nov 24, 2009


Srinagar, November 24 (KMS): The APHC Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq briefed a European Union delegation, today, about the gross human rights violations by Indian troops in occupied Kashmir. The delegation comprising New Delhi based diplomats, Mr Olof Lindgren, Ms Daniele, Mr. Lon Dela Riva, Mr Jean M Debouller and Mr Oscar Schlyter, met the APHC Chairman in Srinagar.

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One Response to “Mirwaiz appeals EU to play role in Kashmir settlement”

  1. sudhan Says:

    The question of ethnic nationalism needs to be put in its historical
    and political context while discussing the Indo-Pakistan relations,
    especially, when they are related to the Kashmir issue.

    While leaving aside some other geopolitical factors, the main
    stumbling block that has stood in normalizing the India-Pakistan
    relations has been the Unresolved Issue of Kashmir.

    But India, ‘the greatest democracy in the world’, has used its
    military force to crush the aspirations of the people of Indian-held
    Kashmir for self-determination for more than sixty years. That is,
    rejecting U.N. resolutions and efforts to that end.

    More than 700,000 Indian soldiers as an occupation force in Kashmir
    have done what they could to crush and terrorize Kashmiri people
    (Muslims) and their resistance against the Indian rule. More than
    100,000 Kashmiris (mostly Muslims) thus far have fallen victim to
    the bullets and the terror of the Indian army. However, I am not
    going to say anything here on the crimes against humanity committed
    by the Indian State and its army in the Kashmir Valley.

    It is quite true to say that the Mumbai attacks did not help. Perhaps
    some readers may find my views relevant in such a connection when I
    discuss the major cause of the Indo-Pakistan conflict in one of my
    articles, entitled, ”The Kashmir issue and violence in the Indian
    subcontinent’ ( http://hnn.us/roundup/entries/58537.html )

    The Mumbai terrorist attack or any such misguided acts by some
    individuals or organizations to liberate Kashmir from the clutches of
    India were doomed to failure. There are substantial reasons for that.

    If anyone says that ordinary people under occupation and foreign
    oppression (Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, etc.) have no chance
    against the great powers then such an assertion can be shown to be
    faulty. The people of Vietnam had defeated the U.S. imperialism.
    The same can happen once again in Afghanistan.

    The human spirit that aspires to liberation lives and refuses to give in.


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