The Return of Howard Zinn, and Company

A packed house hears a left-wing critique of Obama


by Seth Rolbein, BU Today, Oct 29, 2009

BOSTON UNIVERSITY – With the Tsai Performance Center filled to its 500-seat capacity, many in the audience remembered when that hall was named Hayden, the University was in turmoil, and Howard Zinn was both lightning rod and radical catalyst.

Much has changed. The Howard Zinn Lecture Series, kicking off Alumni Weekend on October 22, now celebrates Boston University’s distinguished professor emeritus of political science. As Virginia Sapiro, dean of Arts & Sciences, welcomed all and introduced three intriguing writers gathered around the man of the night, cordiality rather than conflict ruled.

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One Response to “The Return of Howard Zinn, and Company”

  1. sudhan Says:

    Yesh Prabhu wrote:

    I was very delighted and surprised to read this article. Prof. Howard Zinn’s views and opinions about President Obama are identical to my views and opinions about Obama: that his foreign policy is militaristic, and that it is based on using America’s military power to enforce its will on the rest of the world. Just look at what he did regarding Cuba: he extended the 18 year old embargo against Cuba by one more year, even though 76% of Americans are against the embargo and wish to see it end. He says he wants to bring peace to the Middle East and help the Palestinians to establish a free and independent Palestine. But he stands firmly by Netanyahu’s side and has supported Netanyahu on every issue: building 3000 more illegal housing units in the settlements, creating more outposts in the occupied territories – which are illegal per international laws, discrediting the Goldstone report and voting against the report at the UN human Rights Commission, sending billions of dollars to Israel and arming Israel with more weapons. Obama says his support of Israel is unwavering and unshakable. On October 27, 2009, Obama even sent General Jim Jones to the J Street conference in Washington to announce that (surprise!) USA and Israel have “unshakable bond.” When Israel last week demolished two more houses of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, he remained silent. Did he remain silent because his bond with Israel is unshakable? Netanyahu said those houses were built without permits; but the settlers are building houses without permits in settlements and new outposts also, but Israel is not demolishing them. Are these the actions of a man of peace? I think not. Prof. Howard Zinn is right. I am glad that he has decided to speak up.
    Yesh Prabhu, Plainsboro, NJ


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