Stop the War Coalition demonstration in London

Dr George Barnsby, The Barnsby Blog, No. 957, October 26, 2009

Today’s website of Barack Obama again shows a splendid animated portrait of the President’s First Lady but the question of whether she is more warlike than the President who promised so much to the world only a month ago be stating that he would ban all nuclear weapons, but has only of yet intensified the conflict by sending more troops to Afghanistan and elsewhere. Today we have had reports of the great demonstration in London which the Observer  reported  held up the traffic in Central London as  the tens of thousands of protesters marched from Hyde Party to Trafalgar Square
in a series of event organised by the Stop the War Coalition. Highlights were the procession being led by Lance Corporal Joe Glenton who bids fair to become a national hero at the same time as he is prosecuted by the military for refusing to return to the fighting in Afghanistan .No less heroic are the parents of soldiers who have perished in the conflict. Peter Brierley whose son was killed in Iraq in 2003 who refused to shake hands with Tony Blair and told him he had blood on his hands for which he would pay. He also was leading the parade whose theme, of course, was the ending of wars, bringing the troops home and allowing their peoples to solve their own

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