Dangers of Brown’s nuclear-mania

Dr George Barnsby, The Barnsby Blog No. 2011, Sept  10, 2009

Brown’s suicidal efforts to blow us all up has been further exposed by
his latest proposals outlined by Professor David Elliott of the Open
University in a letter in today’s Guardian.

The Labour government has moved from a position of replacing older
nuclear plants to one of a radical expansion from the present 13% of
electricity from nuclear sources to 35-40% beyond 2030. Brown has indicated that he believes the world needs 1,000 extra nuclear power stations and has argued that Africa could build nuclear power plants to meet growing demands for energy.

In 2009 a new UK Nuclear Centre of Excellence was announced to promote, ‘wider access to civil nuclear power across the world’ with an initial budget of £20million. Professor Elliott goes on the say, ‘As a life-long Labour movement activist and long standing Labour Party member I have struggled to live with New Labour policies. But these new policies on nuclear power will, I believe lead to long term global security problems.

The policies could undermine energy security and environmental
sustainability since money, manpower and other resources will be diverted away from renewables and energy efficiency’.

The Professor ends by saying, ‘I have made these points regularly in
various forums. But the commitment to an expanded nuclear programme is deepening. I have therefore, reluctantly, decided to resign from the Labour Party’.

Good for Professor Elliott. This BLOG and COPAM entirely agree with
his actions.

For an island surrounded by water and floating on coal it is madness to think that we need nuclear power. And the present BBC  programmes of Neil Oliver showing the power of water as he moves around the coast of Britain brings to mind the phrase as applied to Gordon Brown, that those the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

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