Iran: List of 72 dead protesters published by opposition web site

homylafayette Iran News, Sep 7, 2009

The Norooz news site, close to the Islamic Iran Participation Front, published a list of 72 ‘martyrs who have been identified thus far’ on Friday, September 4. The list has been compiled by the committee set up by Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi to investigate the deaths and arrests following the election.

The following is a translation of the article and accompanying list posted by Norooz.

To elevate these individuals beyond statistics, I’ve added photos, footage, and additional information in italics when possible. I’ll update this list when more information becomes available.

In recent days, numerous inaccurate statistics on the number of dead protesters have been published by the coup plotters. The latest incorrect information was given by the head of the Revolutionary Guards. In response to such baseless remarks which aim to whitewash the situation and distract public opinion from the crimes committed during the post-election events, Norooz news site is publishing the names of the martyrs so that slumbering consciences may perhaps be awakened, so that the process of hiding clear facts may come to an end, that they may accept that such acts and crimes were carried out by the coup’s agents, and that they may stop covering up these crimes.

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