The continuing Nakba

Timothy Crawley, San Francisco Chronicle, Aug 4, 2009

Walk down what was formerly Al-Borj Street in Haifa, Israel, and you might catch sight of an old Jerusalem-stone building with arched doorways and windows cemented-over and a large Re/Max (an international real estate franchise) banner draped across the front. The house belongs to the Kanafani family, most of whom are living in exile in Lebanon but some of whom are now living as far away from home as San Francisco.

Defined as “absentee property” under Israeli law, the house is one of thousands of properties owned by Palestinian refugees who were forced from their lands by Jewish militias or fled during the war of 1948, in what would be remembered as the Palestinian “Nakba” – the Catastrophe. The Israeli Absentee Property Law of 1950 established the Custodian of Absentee Property to safeguard these homes until a resolution would be reached regarding the right of Palestinian refugees to return.

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5 Responses to “The continuing Nakba”

  1. theblackeagle Says:

    You do know there never was a sovereign nation called Palestine, right? ?


  2. theblackeagle Says:

    i see you like ignoring the truth?


  3. sudhan Says:

    If telling the truth amounts to concealing the truth (a Christan Zionist perspective!), then surely spreading the Zionist lies cannot be anything but telling the truth in the service of a ‘ higher cause’.

    We also know the silence of Christian Zionists on the plight of the Palestinians in the occupied territories by the Zionist rulers of Israel. But when truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie and a deception. And Christian Zionists have a monopoly over such methods.


  4. theblackeagle Says:

    haha, wow ,your pathetic. You not only delete my comments to hide the truth, ignore history, cant answer a single one of my questions, can prove your points, cant support anythign you say, but you till think you are correct, is sort of sad. Christian Zionist? No matter how much you love to live in ignorance, there never was a Palestine, and no matter how much you try to delete and hide my comments because the truth bothers you, history wont change for you. Silence? Your a joke


  5. sudhan Says:

    Mr Black Eagle,

    I am not commenting on anything you have written in your comments any more.
    However, I have published your last comment. This will be the last comment of yours I publish.


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