Barnsby: ‘Vote for the removal of Gordon Brown as prime minister’

Dear John Bercow

Many congratulations on being elected Speaker of the House of Commons. What  I would hope is that some anti-Iraq war MP should present a motion that you  would accept and the House vote Brown out of office.

Who would it be who accomplished this historic act?

My own choice would be Diane Abbott MP female and black being the next Prime Minister thus trumping the US brown President Barak Obama, the hope of all who voted for him, but who disappoints by being enmeshed in US neo-imperialism.

In this way would British authority throughout the world be established.

But one step at a time perhaps and I would hope that some MP who has been anti-Iraq war from the beginning and borne the brunt of the struggle such as George Galloway, so inventive in so many ways, should pull the chain which would flush Brown out.

Or our own Wolverhampton MP, Ken Purchase, due to retire at the  end of this Parliament  who could retire  in a blaze of glory after a life time of service and integrity to the people of Wolverhampton.

Or anyone else Tory or Lib-Dem or other party who have preserved British honour from those who have supported Torturers and Nuclear Maniacs who would contemplate the destruction of the planet and all of us on it.

So, again, congratulations from those of us who have struggled so long for Peace and Multiculturalism.


90 year old lifetime militant and Communist.
GB Working Class Library and Free Communist Bookshop.
141 Henwood Rd. Wolverhampton, W.Mids
Tele and Fax 01902 751888

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