Dr George Barnsby, Nov 17, 2008

Why are there so many fools and knaves who share Brown’s illusions that he is important. He is in only one respect. Now that George W Bush has been reduced from the most powerful tyrant in the world to a blithering idiot by the stunning victory of the new US president Obama, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have now become the second and third most important war criminals in the world, because they support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan despite the views of most sensible people that these wars are illegal, racist and unwinnable. A further reason to arrest Brown NOW is that he is a Nuclear Maniac prepared to take the risk of seeing the world blown to smithereens in another Holocaust.

Now there is now yet another reason to put Brown under lock and key – Somali pirates have reappeared and captured a Saudi-owned Aramco tanker. Here there are two dangers one is that a ship loaded with nuclear arms will  be captured and sold to the highest bidder who will then hold the USA, Britain and other western powers to ransom, or if they fail to respond blow up targets that they, the Pirates have chosen.

All these dangers have been aired in this BLOG, but most members of the Commentariat, as Media Lens christened them because of their almost monopoly powers of providing ordinary people with news and when we complain are so contemptuous of public opinion that they do not reply to me.

Such people include the chief executive and chairman of the BBC, the head of ITV, the news commentators, Paxman, Marr, Wark, Kearney and Jon Snow of Channel Four. Also the head of the Learning and Skills Council, Sir Trevor Phillips the chair of the Commission of Equality and Human Rights because he will not let us know whether he is for or against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When Obama won his great, but limited victory as US president. I took a breather. Some people have warned me that by writing a BLOG every night I was putting my health at risk and perhaps I should only BLOG on a five day week or perhaps only once a week.and catch up on my reading. It seemed appropriate since my last BLOG on Friday dealt with the English Revolution of the seventeenth century and the fact that Obama seemed to be following the same path as Oliver Cromwell who after executing Charles the First  reneged and eventually destroyed the Levellers who were the working class ‘root and branch’ of the revolution.

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