War Criminal Blair misusing the name of God

Behold, a voice from out of the wilderness

April 4, 2008

And lo, but he was tanned. Tony Blair came before us yesterday not as a former Prime Minister but as a man of religion. The Vicar of St Albion is breaking free of his parish chains. He wants God to stop being so parochial. Tony Blair has decided that it’s time that God went global and he’s the man to do it.

He stood, light shining down on his golden face, in Westminster Cathedral almost directly beneath a huge red and gold encrusted cross hanging from the soaring ceiling. He spoke from a wooden pulpit before a congregation (sorry, audience) of hundreds. In the real pulpit, to the side, two TV crews were filming him. Outside, the Blair nonbelievers chanted and whistled. As I walked in a woman screamed like a banshee: “Arrest Tony Blair! This is the House of Satan!” Inside, powerful organ chords drowned out the noise of the nonbelievers. The audience was dotted with turbans, yamakas and robes.

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