U.S. veto kills resolution to condemn Israel, despite Gaza crimes

Once again in the Security Council

Granma International, January 30, 2008

NEW YORK, Jan. 29 .— The UN Security Council has suspended discussion on a resolution regarding the precarious situation in the Gaza Strip, where Israel continues to carry out indiscriminate attacks on the Palestinian people, after the United States once again opposed condemning Tel Aviv in any way.

Washington, which has veto power, is attempting to legitimate the conduct of the Zionist government, which through its blockade and air and land invasions, has impoverished the Palestinian people of Gaza and left many victims, alleging “self-defense” against the launching of missiles by resistance forces.

The first version of the non-binding resolution was rejected by the United States, ANSA reported. In recent days, experts from the United States and Libya, which currently holds the presidency of the Security Council, worked to try to reach a compromise, but were unable to do so given the obstinate position taken by the United States.

Meanwhile, Tel Aviv maintains its blockade on the Gaza Strip, where the Palestinian population is surviving without electricity and with food and medicine shortages.

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