Open Letter to all Arab Leaders

Axis of Logic, January 26, 2008
By Robert Thompson
You are variously presidents, kings and emirs, but you have one thing in common, namely that you are responsible for the lives of everyone under your rule.
You also have a duty towards the rest of humanity, since we human-beings are all inter-dependent, however humble or elevated we may consider ourselves to be, and among this mass of humanity you should perhaps think first with whom you have the common link of your beautiful and most expressive language.
This close link should lead you to do what you can to help all Arabs who have been suffering persecution and oppression, and especially those who still are, and your strong cultural bond should go beyond the religious community in which you might respectively have been raised. Most of you are Muslim, but some are Christian, and you should remember that you are all People of the Book, which makes us all spiritual heirs to Abraham / Ibrahim, one of our loving and merciful God’s greatest prophets.
At present the most obvious cases of such persecution and oppression are those where the aggressors are the Zionists and their Neocon puppets in the USA, or minions and supporters of these two groups. Their terrible crimes should drive you to do everything that you can to help your fellow Arabs in and from Palestine, Syria, the Lebanon and Iraq, including offering powerful joint military protection.
I am not suggesting a new war against the oppressors, there are already two under way, but rather support for every initiative which weakens the power of the aggressors, such as economic boycotts and refusal to entertain any business or political dealings with these sponsors of state terrorism. Such combined action could put an end to these dominant forces of evil, but it requires a firm determination to act in unison, and to avoid acting in your own most immediate selfish interests. While enjoying your power, never forget the duties which you have to your own peoples, to the whole Arab nation and to the wider world. Therein lies the challenge if you are going to achieve true greatness, and this obliges you to put aside any form of vicious greed and sectional selfishness.
Yours most respectfully,
Robert Thompson
Avocat Honoraire au Barreau de Boulogne-sur-Mer
22 rue de l’Eglise

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