PFLP to Abbas: Beware of the Israeli trap to divide the Palestinians


Global Research, July 22, 2007

Palestinian Information Center – 2007-07-21


Jamil Mizher, the PFLP political leader in Gaza, has warned PA chief Mahmoud Abbas not to fall in the Israeli trap designed for him in a bid to shatter the Palestinian national unity, saying, “The Israelis will only offer false promises to you (Abbas)”.

To substantiate his claims, Mizher cited the more than one decade of futile negotiations between the PA and Israel, in which, Israel offered only rosy promises to the PA leaders without implementing them on the ground.

In this regard, Mizher urged all Palestinian resistance factions, especially Hamas and Fatah, to consolidate their ranks, and to restore national unity in confronting the malicious schemes of the “Zionist enemy”, affirming that money of the PA is for all Palestinian people and not for a Palestinian party per se.

Although Mizher welcomed the release of 250 Palestinian captives, the bulk of them from the Fatah faction, including the PFLP prominent political leader Abdul Rahim Malloh, he viewed the entire deal as an attempt by Israel to deceive the world’s public opinion, and to portray itself as humanistic state releasing Palestinian prisoners, but the fact is that the IOF troops arrest more than that number every month.

As of now, there are more than 11,000 Palestinian captives, including women and children among other detainees languishing in Israeli jails in very harsh conditions.

The IOF troops arrest hundreds of Palestinian youths every month, making the release of the 250 captives (many of them almost finishing their jail terms) a big deception.

Furthermore, Mizher rejected the PLO’s central council’s call for early PA elections, affirming that no early elections of any kind in the PA-run lands could take place without national harmony.

He also warned that attempts to strangle the Palestinian national harmony will only deepen the geographical and popular rift among the Palestinian people.


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